How Technology Will Impact The Future Of Security

As the years go on, technology has taken a bigger and more crucial role in most industries, particular in security. In our previous article, we discussed why manned security is still necessary in today’s high-tech world. And today, we want to revisit the topic of technology in the security industry. As a security company ourselves, we understand the future is uncertain for many business owners, but we can keep ahead and be prepared for emerging threats. In this article, we discuss how technology will impact the future of security. 

Artificial Intelligence

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) has taken security systems to a new level. Al algorithms can analyse data at rapid speeds, identify patterns and detect threats before they occur, helping security professionals to put effective measures in place to minimise incidents. AI is also used in facial recognition technology to identify people of interest quickly and efficiently. 

Cloud-Based Security Technologies

The cloud can be described as ‘a global network of remote servers accessed over the internet’. It allows organisations to store and manage data as well as control security measures from anywhere around the world, once they are connected to the internet. It can also backup data in the event of hardware failure or a cyber attack, allowing organisations to recover this data without significant data loss.

Drone Technology

More and more organisations are using drone technology in their security measures. These remotely controlled aircraft devices push the boundaries of existing CCTV monitoring and other surveillance systems. They provide a real-time bird’s eye view of properties under surveillance and their surrounding borders. In the event of a security breach, drones can assess the situation quickly, record and store live footage. This footage can be used as evidence to support law enforcement.

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These are just some of the ways that technology will impact the future of security. Using technology has many benefits in the security world such as aiding security professionals, bringing new capabilities, preventing threats, and reducing long-term security costs for organisations. That being said, these new technologies will need to be analysed and managed by humans and it shouldn’t be used to completely replace traditional security methods. Instead, they should be used in conjunction with each other. 

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