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Providing high-quality remote CCTV monitoring services

A cost-effective service ensuring 24/7 protection
Providing high-quality remote CCTV monitoring services

Our CCTV monitoring services meet industry standards, giving you all the benefits of 24/7 surveillance, without the cost

With the development of the latest security technology, our remote CCTV monitoring services are a cost-effective application and add an extra level of security. Providing reassurance for both domestic and commercial users over the safety and protection of a selected location.

Our modern CCTV monitoring systems can be linked with intruder alarms, audio systems, access control equipment and alarm response services to provide optimum security cover remotely. We can tailor a bespoke package to suit your security needs, as well as working with you to ensure that your need for total security is met to the highest standard.

Why Should You Consider CCTV Monitoring?

The use of CCTV monitoring services offers many great benefits to users including:

Provides Full Visibility – For users being able to view properties remotely is remarkable. CCTV monitoring services provide full visibility of a user’s property, offering them an incredible peace of mind.

Lowers Insurance Premiums –Whether it be commercial or domestic property, using CCTV monitoring services can help to lower a user’s insurance premiums.

Detects Crime – Using CCTV monitoring services can help to detect crime and stop criminals in their tracks. 24/7 operating cameras can capture evidence of vandalism, theft, or any other criminal activity at any given time.

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CCTV monitoring is one of the most important and effective type of security precautions. If used properly, it can stop many potential crimes. Our CCTV monitoring meets the requirements of the BS 7958 and BS 8418 Certifications.

If you require a CCTV monitoring service for your home or business premises, please contact Alpha Omega Securities by making an online enquiry, calling us on 01270 258881, or emailing us on enquiries@alphaomegauk.com.


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