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Providing SIA approved Door Supervisors for your premises or event

Ensuring the maximum protection and security when you need it through expert door supervision
Providing SIA approved Door Supervisors for your premises or event

Our Door Supervisors have unique skills that are applicable to a range of different environments

We provide smart and professional door supervisors for a range of events, on a short or long-term basis. We are an ISO 9001 registered company, which includes the quality Certification for Door Supervisors, a certification that we must achieve each year to retain this industryrecognised illustrious certification.

What are Door Supervisors?

Door supervisors are essential to the security industry and are typically the first people guests meet at an event or establishment. Their role is to ensure the security of the premises, be friendly and approachable to welcome guests and maintain a level of respect for those they need to turn away. They are able to handle physical altercations and keep guests safe. You may find door supervisors at a range of events or establishments, including bars and clubs, offices and conferences or even at more personal occasions, such as weddings and birthday parties.

Door supervisors may be required to check guests for weapons or other prohibited items. If the venue requires it, they check employees, customers and guests.

What are the duties of a Door Supervisor?

Whilst ensuring the safety of everyone at an event is the top priority of people’s security, there are other duties a door supervisor can perform:

  • Handling emergencies – door supervisors are the first point of contact for both guests and the emergency services. They must be able to cooperate with emergency staff or contact them during an incident.
  • Ticket and dress code checking – this is a vital step to ensure that everyone in the venue has been invited. This ensures that if there is an emergency, the organisers know who is at the event and can plan accordingly. They also need to ensure the dress code is adhered to and turn those away who don’t dress appropriately.
  • Crowd control – if there are large crowds and queues, it is up to the door supervisor to ensure there isn’t a sudden rush that could cause injury or fatality or conflict and disruption.
  • Patrol – the door supervisors may be required to patrol the area to ensure there isn’t anything or anyone that would likely cause harm.  
  • Conflict – a door supervisor needs to be able to intervene if a conflict arises as well as possess the ability to effectively de-escalate the situation if need be. In some cases, they may need to use physical restraint and escort guests out.

Interested in our Door Supervisor Services?

All our door supervisors are vetted in accordance with the BS 7858 Certification. They are SIA registered, helping us to ensure that we will only supply reliable, trustworthy, and presentable people. All of our Door Supervisors are trained in conflict resolution and physical intervention but are courteous and friendly whilst maintaining a professional distance. Our Door Supervisors will strictly adhere to any uniform and dress code requirements you may have. Contact us today to make an enquiry or to find out more about this service.

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