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Providing a reliable and experienced Manned Guarding service

Presentable, trustworthy and vigilant manned security guards, suited to a range of environments
Providing a reliable and experienced Manned Guarding service

Our brilliant manned guarding officers will set the correct tone for your premises through their appearance and conduct

We work to in accordance with the BS7499 standard for static manned guarding:. We are one of a limited number of companies in the country that is an Approved Contractor for the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

What is Manned Guarding?

Manned guarding refers to the physical presence of security personnel at an event. Their role is to provide protection against threats, including uninvited entry, assault or criminal activity. They will also guard people, assets or property. These security guards act as a deterrent to potential offenders and also a first point of contact for guests.

What is the difference between manned guarding and door security?

Security guards are usually posted at non-licenced premises, such as retail and corporate establishments. They cannot work anywhere where alcohol is consumed. They look after customers, staff and the public and act as a deterrent to thieves.

Door security is trained to work at events that serve alcohol, such as pubs and bars. They must have the ability to judge who can and cannot come into the venue. They must also ensure order at the establishment and de-escalate conflict should a situation arise. 

At a minimum, all of our staff are screened and vetted in accordance with British Certification BS 7858, and undertake an SIA training course. When required, we can also provide staff who are competent in First Aid. Our manned guarding services are best suited to retail outlets, construction sites, outdoor events, business premises, warehouses and factory premises. They will always ensure that they set the right tone through their appearance and conduct.

Interested in our Manned Guarding Services?

All of our manned security guards are vetted to ensure they are not only equipped with the pre-requisite skills and competencies but that they are also always presentable, with appropriate uniforms and a smart appearance. Whatever the nature of your site or event, we will work with you to fully assess your requirements. We constantly audit and review our activities. If we find opportunities to improve or reduce costs, we will review these with you, helping your business benefit from our experience, without compromising the services that we deliver. If you require a manned guarding service, why not contact us today?

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