Why Manned Security Is Still Necessary In Today’s High-Tech World

With the continuous development of advanced CCTV cameras, alarm systems, motion detectors and other security technology, the purpose of traditional security has been viewed as less necessary within the past few years. 

As a security company, we believe manned security should continue to be considered as a vital safety measure as it can offer better performance than other security measures in some cases. In this article, we’ll discuss why manned guarding and security is still very much necessary in today’s high-tech world, as well as for years to come.

Technology Needs Monitoring 

Even the latest security technologies still need to be managed by personnel as well as requiring monitoring and a manned response. Automatic systems need to be set up and reviewed by staff. Potential security threats are best dealt with by personnel, rather than relying on technology and raising the chance of technical errors. 

Modern security technology increases security levels massively, reduces the need of extra personnel and saves money, however it does not offer the same extremely high level of efficiency and visibility as a team of security officers. Studies have also shown that having an on-site team of security officers will continually develop and have endless value for the safety of both personnel and premises in years to come.

Demand For Manned Security

Today, criminals have become more experienced with technology than ever before. Security technology can be tampered with and hacked by criminals. This means security poses a higher threat and this has caused an increasing demand for manned guarding services to maintain security levels. Research has also shown the number of manned guarding and security services increased in 2020 and 2021, despite the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Due to this, we can say manned security services are not going anywhere anytime soon.

Are You Considering Manned Security?

Do you have an upcoming event or do you require manned guarding for your business? At Alpha Omega Securities, we are proud to be an ISO 9001 registered company, with the BS7499 standard for Static Manned Guarding. We’re proud to be one of the limited companies in the UK to be an Approved Contractor for the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

All of our security officers are screened and vetted in accordance with British Standard BS 7858 and complete SIA training. This guarantees you our staff have the relevant skills and abilities whilst being professional and setting the right tone through a smart appearance. Furthermore, we can also provide you with security officers who are trained in First Aid if needed. Our manned guarding services are suitable for a wide range of industries such as retail, events, construction, warehouses, factory premises and more.

If you require manned guarding and security, please contact us today. The safety of your personnel and premises is our first priority. Whatever the nature of your event or premises, we will work with you throughout the service to fully satisfy your security needs and make sure your operations run as smoothly as possible.