How To Know You Require A Manned Guarding Service

Manned guarding are one of the most effective forms of commercial and domestic security. When it comes to manned security, you can not really argue that it benefits one industry over any other. 

You can implement this proven form of security in just about any industry. From government buildings and privately owned properties to retail stores and commercial events; all manner of premises and industries can benefit from manned guarding. All of this being said, let’s take a look at signs that tell you you need manned security.

An Increase In Crime

We start with possibly the most obvious tell-tale sign you might require extra security on your premises. If there is an increase in crime; the chances are you need to step up your security measures.  

Criminal activity can range from petty crimes such as minor theft or disorderly conduct, to more severe forms of harm and damage. By implementing manned security, you will be able to combat a large amount of crime. Even if your manned guard does not stop all elements of crime, the security guard will not doubt deter a lot of crime happening in the first place. 

You Keep Getting Trespassers

While this one might appeal more to the general property owner, whether that be domestic or commercial, if you keep getting unwanted visitors to your premises; you might need to implement one of our award winning services. 

Manned security can act very effectively as being a general visual deterrent to anyone who is considering trespassing. Deterring trespasses significantly lowers the chance of a crime happening. Accompanying this is the fact that the security guard can be more hands on in terms of removing trespassers as and when required. 

Other Security Methods Aren’t Working For You 

You might already have sufficient security measures in place at your establishment, but they might not as effective at stopping crime as you originally intended. While this is not always the case, it can sometimes happen. Whether you have key holding enacted or general door supervision, it might not be working for you. If this is the case, manned security might be the best option for you. 

You Require A Physical Presence

Following on nicely from the above point; you might need a physical presence at your premises. For example, if you already have a CCTV service set up, the service might not be working for you. No matter how all encompassing it is. One way to combat this is by implementing a physical presence. 

We Offer Industry Leading Manned Guarding Service 

At Alpha Omega Security, we offer incredible industry leading security services with unbeatable levels of customer service. Our services include the previously mentioned manned guarding, keyholding, door supervision and our unique CCTV monitoring system to name just a few.