Why Invest In A CCTV Monitoring Service?

At Alpha Omega Ltd, we offer many premium security services which provide an incredible sense of protection and comfort. One of these fantastic services include our industry leading CCTV monitoring service

Our CCTV service is all encompassing, professional and, arguably most importantly, extremely effective at preventing crime and disturbances. 

So let’s take a look at why you should invest in a CCTV Monitoring Service today! 

What Is A CCTV Monitoring Service? 

Before delving into why you should choose a CCTV service, we thought it best to detail exactly what the service actually entails. 

In case you are unaware, CCTV stands for closed circuit television. Often referred to as simply video surveillance, CCTV cameras are one of the most used forms of security. The service involves setting up cameras at the chosen location or premises in order to deter crime and monitor the area for any suspicious activity. 

The cameras are watched and monitored by a security professional as they are the most effective at stopping any potential issues from occurring in the first place. 

We can offer a specialist tailored service. This means you can change our service to meet your own unique requirements. You can choose to monitor the cameras yourself or have our highly trained security officers monitor them for you. Our professionals are trained in effective and rapid alarm response as well as having an extensive skill set in regards to overall security. 

Who Can You Use A CCTV Service? 

While CCTV cameras are mainly used for business and corporate purposes; video surveillance has the rare distinction of also being used on domestic premises. In short, anyone can use our CCTV service. If you have a need for security cameras, you can use our service. 

Whether you own a shop and want to invest in better retail security or are having trouble at your home; you can use a brilliant CCTV system to your advantage. 

Benefits of A CCTV System

You might be installing a CCTV system for a variety of reasons, it might be to protect your business or just monitor the goings on at your home. Luckily, there are many benefits of a CCTV monitoring service. 

Lower Your Insurance Premium 

No matter the type of property you own, be it commercial or domestic, CCTV cameras can help to lower your insurance premiums. 

By most insurance company’s evaluations, you are deemed less of a risk when you have CCTV installed. This is unsurprising because potential criminals are more likely to not target premises with a sufficient security system in place. 

Help When Making A Claim 

While on the topic of insurance companies, security cameras can help if you have to make a claim to an insurance investigator. If you do have to make a claim after an event has occurred at your premise, your claim will carry more weight or will be all but assured to succeed if you have video evidence to back it up. 

Providing Full Visibility of Your Home Or Business

A CCTV service offers an unbeatable sense of security. For many users of the system, being able to see all of their property offers an incredible peace of mind. A CCTV monitoring service provides full visibility of your selected location leaving nothing to chance and very little to the imagination. 

Safely Monitoring Employees

Mutually exclusive to the business owners; you can use your CCTV system to safely monitor staff and/or other people on the premises. Monitoring employees has benefits which include: checking on work performance, ensuring the safety of staff at all times and allowing ease of investigation of potential incidents.

Deterring Thieves and Other Criminals

We have recently covered how regular maintenance from a door supervisor can help to deter criminals and stop crime, similarly, CCTV cameras offer this technique too. 

Establishments can see vandalism, theft or any other criminal activity at any time. However, if criminals happen to catch a glimpse of CCTV cameras; they will think twice about carrying through with the crime. Plus, having a regularly monitored system drastically increases the chances of catching any would-be criminals. 

Do You Require A CCTV Service? 

If you require a CCTV monitoring service, please get in touch. We offer a fantastic alarm response system and we also provide excellent levels of customer service.