Why You Need A Door Supervisor

Door supervision is one of the most important and effective forms of security for any business or premise. To put it simply; a door supervisor is someone who guards a licensed premises such as a nightclub, pub, bar or restaurant and ensures that those who enter the premises are of safe mind, bare no ill intent or do not intend to perform criminal activity. 

While door supervisors are primarily used in drinking or eating establishments; they can also be used just as effectively in other establishments such as shops. 

However, for reasons of simplicity, we will primarily be looking at why a drinking or eating establishment might require door supervision service. 

Restricting Unsafe Items From Entering the Premises

One of the leading causes of crimes in the UK is knife crime. Unsurprisingly, knives are one of the most common unsafe or illegal items criminals try to carry into clubs or bars. This is why all of our door supervisors are trained to conduct thorough and proper searches on any, especially people who look suspicious, persons entering the venue at any time. 

All manner of weapons have been known to be sneaked into venues in the past. This further illustrates the importance of confiscating the weapons before they even have a chance to enter the premises. 

It is not just weapons a door supervisor can stop from entering the venue. Other potentially harmful substances include drugs. Beyond drugs link to violent, they can cause a lot of damage to the users and other people. Luckily, an effective door search policy can stop these substances from entering the building in the first place. 

Avoiding Legal Issues

Some establishments such as bars and nightclubs, might have restrictions for various legal reasons. One of the most common restrictions in the UK is not allow anyone under the age of 18 into a bar or nightclub. 

Performing identification checks upon arrival to a venue has proven to be one of the most effective ways to restrict anyone under the age of 18 entering the premises therefore avoiding legal issues. 

Adhering To An Expected Standard

When you enter a venue, it is pretty much a given that you expect a certain standard. You will expect the venue to be clean, secure and overall safe. 

Door supervision is a fantastically easy way to help to uphold these standards and even surpass the expected standard. 

Stopping Anti-social Behaviour

We have extensively covered the benefits of door supervision when it comes to people entering the establishment. However, having a door supervisor can also help to protect your premises from the outside. 

Door supervisors are trained to deter anti-social behaviour and stop any criminal activities from occurring in the close vicinity of your premises. 

Stopping Intoxicated Customers From Entering 

When people think of door supervision, many people automatically think of a door supervisor turning away an intoxicated potential customer. While this is not a door supervisor’s main responsibility, undoubtedly they are sufficient and turn away drunk and disorderly people. 

Have You Considered a Career In Door Supervision? 

If you have ever considered a career as a door supervisor, you can help you out. We offer a highly regarded level 2 award in a door supervisor course which can help to get you on the way to a fulfilling career in the private security industry.