Why Effective Alarm Response Matters

At Alpha Omega, we offer many great services that ensure the overall security of your business and/or owned property. From door supervision, to CCTV monitoring systems, to key holding; we have many services that are expertly designed to offer you great peace of mind and protect your business from potentially costly criminal activity. One of the most effective forms of security we offer is our fantastic alarm response service. 

You might be asking, what exactly does an alarm response service entail? And perhaps more importantly; how can it help your business? Well we thought why not detail exactly why effective alarm response is so important and how it can help you and your business. 

What Is Alarm Response? 

To put it simply; alarm response is a service which is put in place to respond quickly and effectively to an alert regarding a security breach at your monitored area. The service offers the unique and brilliant ability to ensure your business and premises is secure and protected at all times. 

This is largely due to the fact that a highly trained security officer is on hand to respond to any alarm at any time and on any occasion. Additionally, our highly trained and vetted officer will produce a detailed, all encompassing report so you always remain in the know, no matter the severity of the situation. The report not only provides evidence that all possibilities have been exhausted but it provides you confidence regarding potential future threats. 

Our alarm response service is a fantastic security solution as the service offers the full vision and protection of your business and/or premises. 

Why Quality Matters? 

Much like any service, you want security professionals responding to an alert at your premises to be fast and reliable. Afterall, if the response is not effective, then the criminal might have already had the chance to get away from the premises with theft or after committing another costly crime. 

This is why our security officers will not leave the premises until they are satisfied that all requirements have been fulfilled. Accompanying this is the fact that our officer is available 24/7 from a security control room, and they have direct contact with the local police should the need arise.

What Does It Protect Against? 

Our fast and effective service protects against all manner of petty, and more serious forms of, crimes. The service can protect against virtually any incident. From petty crimes such as vandalism or minor product damage; to full scale theft and criminal damage. 

Alarm response is one of the most effective ways to provide your property with security 24/7. 

Other Great Services 

There are many other great services that can accompany our alarm response service to ensure you have a complete and all encompassing security experience. While you might want to implement a door supervisor depending on the aspects of your business; we have found our key holding and mobile patrol service are by far the most popular to accompany fast and effective alarm response. 

Key holding is popular due to the fact that key holding and alarm response very much go hand in hand. If we are in possession of keys to your property and able to respond quickly to your alarm; then we virtually have all security aspects covered. 

Although our mobile patrol service is very popular with customers who only require a temporary security solution; the service is frequently accompanied by responses to alarms by virtue of the fact that both services are available 24/7 and enable responses at a moments notice. 

Why Choose Us? 

There are many reasons to choose Alpha Omega for not just alarm monitoring, but any of your other security needs as well. 

It might go without saying but we are SIA licensed. We also have multiple other accreditations. For example, the security guards who monitor your CCTV or alarming system are all vetted in accordance with BS 7858In addition, our experienced and approachable team are trained in all manner of security scenarios. From responding to false alarms to effective retail security practices. It is pretty safe to say; we are an experienced and reputable security company. 

Considering A Career In Security? 

If you are considering a career in the security, or more specifically in the alarm responses service, why don’t you get in touch with us. We have a large selection of courses and security jobs in Crewe, Cheshire and surrounding areas.