Why Choose A Mobile Patrol Service?

When it comes to security services, they must be versatile as well as being effective at preventing and deterring crime. When it comes to security services, are there many as dynamic and all encompassing a mobile patrol service? 

Mobile security patrols are one of the many highly efficient security measures we implement to ensure you and your business remain safe and secure. Whilst it is not as widely highlighted and focused on, mobile patrols have many unique and brilliant advantages when it comes to protecting your business. 

Because of this, we have decided to look at reasons to choose a mobile security service. 

Patrolling Multiple Locations 

We start with potentially the most unique advantage of mobile security, especially when considering other well known security measures. With mobile patrols, you can patrol and monitor multiple locations with just one unique and special service. 

In direct contrast to a static manned guarding service where the security officer in question is very much tied to one location, the patrol can cover multiple areas and locations in a short amount of time. 

Cost Effective

Following on nicely from our previous point, because the patrol can cover multiple locations in a very short amount of time, it makes the service extremely cost effective and practical. The cost effectiveness and practicality becomes all the more apparent when you compare the security technique to other commonly used industry services such as manned guarding or CCTV systems. 

The fact that this service can cover multiple locations in a significantly shorter period of time is evidence enough of the services apparent cost effectiveness. 

Many Different Security Checks

As we previously mentioned, mobile security is extremely versatile and effective. Part of the reason the service is so versatile is the incredible amount of 24/7 security checks the service provides. 

As well as patrol officers being available pretty much 24 hours a day, they also offer fast and effective alarm response. Because the officer is mobile, it makes it significantly easier for the officer to respond to alarm triggers quickly. This ensures they are also first to respond and in turn, makes it far more likely to deter or catch potential criminals. 

Accompanying this is the fact that the patrol officer can offer high quality key holding for your premises. Having an easily contactable and available officer ready to access your property if needed is an extremely effective weapon to have in your metaphorical arsenal. 

A Visible Presence 

In our previous blogs, we have touched on how important it is to have a visible presence available at your premises. With mobile patrols; you will have a clear and visual deterrent at your premises. 

During the patrols routine checks, the patrol in question will be visual to onlooking thieves and/or other criminals. This visual deterrent will make the potential criminals think twice before going through with the crimes. 

We Provide High Quality Mobile Patrols

At Alpha Omega, we offer a high quality and all encompassing mobile patrol service. Our mobile patrol service is extremely effective at preventing crime. We are a SIA licensed company and our security personnel have garnered many years of experience in the security and patrolling industry.  

We also provide many other fantastic security services such as show and event security amongst many others.