The Human Element in Security: Why Manned Guards Matter

Since the digital age, we have become reliant on technology for different purposes including security. Before CCTV, motion detectors, artificial intelligence and other security systems were utilised, manned guarding was the form of reliable security. Nowadays, manned guards have been replaced with advanced technology. So, one question remains – does manned guarding still play an important role in security today? The answer is absolutely. The presence of manned guards is irreplaceable because it adds a human element to security that advanced technology simply does not have. Continue reading as we explain the importance of manned guarding and why it matters for your business. 

Security System Malfunctions 

The main reason why manned guards are appointed is simply because security systems can malfunction from time to time. All security systems require some maintenance and upgrades if necessary. The last thing you want is for your costly security system to malfunction without backup security. Therefore, manned guards are needed to maintain security while systems undergo downtime. They can also distinguish between a true security threat and a misunderstanding, for instance, a faulty alarm response. For optimal security, manned guarding and security systems can work hand in hand. CCTV cameras can record and pick up on small details that manned guards can easily miss, whereas manned guards use their judgement or intuition, and can act rapidly on-site in the event of a threat or incident. 


In a world of uncertainty with the rise of security threats, it’s important to expect the unexpected. Manned guards have the ability to adapt to various security incidents, from theft and burglary to fire and first aid. They are professionally trained to evaluate any situation, take immediate action and cooperate with law enforcement if necessary. This makes their adaptability to unexpected events incomparable with modern security systems. While no one or no security system can tell what the future holds, appointing manned guards is the best way to prepare for whatever security matter comes your way.

Personalised Approach

At the end of the day, manned guards are human beings. They can bring a professional yet personalised approach to security. A personalised approach is beneficial for retail businesses as manned guards can provide customer service by greeting customers as they enter or leave the premises and offering assistance. Customers also feel more comfortable with the presence of manned guards as they are the first point of contact in the event of an emergency. 

Manned Guarding In Crewe

As you can see, investing in manned guarding is the best decision when it comes to protecting your staff and business premises. If you own a business in the retail, construction or manufacturing industry, Alpha Omega Securities is a leading provider of high-quality security. We offer a range of security services across the Cheshire area including manned guarding. To reassure you, we are an SIA-approved contractor and an ISO 9001 registered company with the BS 7499 standard for Static Manned Guarding. 

Our team of manned guards are screened and vetted according to industry standards and undertake various training courses. To enquire about our manned guarding services, call us or send an email today for more details. We can assure you that our manned guards won’t let you down!