The Do’s and Don’ts Of Retail Security

If you are the owner of a retail store or business; at some point you would have had to consider the topic of security on multiple occasions. Retail security can be especially tricky, especially when compared to other forms of industry securities. 

The retail industry has one clear distinction compared to other industries, that being that they are, for better or worse, exposed to the general public. While welcoming so many people onto your premises has some clear commercial advantages such as expanding your business opportunities; it also opens the door to potential crimes such as theft and vandalism. 

Regardless of your retail business size; there are certain steps you can take to secure your businesses safety and future. 

The Do’s: 

Implement Door Supervision

One easy and effective way to deter criminals from your premises is door supervision. We recently covered some of the many perks of implementing a door supervisor at your premises. The bottom line is that door supervision will detract potential criminals and vandals alike. 

Invest In Manned Security

Our manned guarding service is one of our most popular services at Alpha Omega, and for good reason. Installing a retail security guard offers many advantages. Aside from the fact that it is a visual deterrent against thieves, the service also offers full vision of the happenings on your retail site. 

CCTV Monitoring

Whilst on the topic of having full vision of the happenings at your establishment; there are few security services as all encompassing as CCTV monitoring. When CCTV has a clear leg up on manned security is the fact that the CCTV cameras offer a full panoramic view of the premise at all times. So if you are in charge of retail security, why not invest in CCTV today? 

Train All Staff In Security Practises

For the security of your business, staff and customers; you will want to ensure all employees are trained in regards to security practises. This can include any changing and challenging scenarios. Such as: crime prevention; reaction to crime; how to deal with a natural incident and many more. 

Have A Responsive Alarm System

If an incident does occur, you will want to be reassured that the relevant authorities or security officers are notified promptly and accordingly. As such, you will want to have a sufficient full working alarm system in place. Alarm response is essential in tackling crime quickly and effectively so do not leave anything to chance. 

The Don’ts:

Not Regularly Checking Alarm Systems

Following on nicely from our previous point; if you happen to have an alarm system, you will want to ensure it is working properly. As such, regular maintenance checks are essential. The system not working correctly or effectively, can result in property damage or theft as well as other potentially dire consequences.  

Leaving The Property Unlocked

It might go without saying, but leaving your property regularly unattended or unlocked is a very big don’t in regards to retail security. Aside from the fact that this all but invite criminals into your establishment, most insurance companies will not accept your claim if an incident has occurred and your property was unlocked. 

Leaving Lights On All Night

Similar to leaving your store vacant and unlocked, leaving lights on all night showcases your store to potential criminals making it all the more tempting for them to break in and steal your belongings. 

Not Providing The Correct Safety Equipment

Even if your staff are trained, they will still require the correct safety equipment to protect themselves and customers. If they are a security guard they should be equipped with appropriate criminal deterrents; likewise, employees should have convenient access to alarms in cases of emergencies. 

We Provide Retail Security 

At Alpha Omega, we provide reliable and effective retail security in Crewe and surrounding areas. So if you are a retail business owner who is in need of a dependable security company, please contact us.