Industries Which Can Benefit From Door Supervision

Door supervision has many advantages, and we have covered the majority of them quite extensively. From helping to deter crime before it  has the chance to manifest, to keeping a watchful eye on your business or premises when you are not around. Implementing a door supervisor has proven to be one of the most effective forms of criminal deterrents. 

Similar to services such as manned guarding; the practice implements a highly trained security professional to ensure the safety and overall wellbeing of your premise, event or venue. 

With such an all encompassing security service, it is pretty clear that many industries can benefit from this. As such, we thought why not examine the many different industries which can benefit from having a door supervisor. 

Nightclubs, Pubs and Bars

We start with potentially the most obvious industry that benefits from door supervision. Is is not unusual to see a high trained door supervisor manning the entrance to various night clubs, pubs and bars.

The door supervisor controls who enters the building, patrols the surrounding areas of the premises and enacts other duties as and when required. Controlling who enters the premises is normally the most important of all of their duties. Afterall, the title of door supervisor confers a certain degree of control and power over the door entrance process. 

Overtly intoxicated and potentially dangerous individuals may attempt to enter these sorts of establishments. When they do so, they must be handled with the upmost care and grace as well as being handled in a appropriate manner by a trained, experienced professional. In addition, many of the previously premises have an age limit which limits people below a certain age of entering. As such, door supervisors are usually required to carry out a thorough and authentic identification checks of most, or all entering guests. 

Security For Events

On a similar basis to nightclubs and bars, events usually have a large selection of people gathering attempting to have a safe and enjoyable experience. Many guests are usually under the influence of alcohol. Some might argue that because of this, guests have the potential to cause issues. 

Door supervision at public and private venues is becoming all the common. Not only do door supervisors drastically help to lower crime rates and issues at events, they have many other benefits.

Door supervisors can stop any restricted substances from entering the venue. Whether that be prohibited alcohol, weapons or something more sinister. Implementing door supervision is a quick and effective way to stop restricted substances from getting into your event hereby securing the safety of the event and your guests. 

One of our expertly trained door supervisors can also enact ticket checking. At particularly large scale events, attendees might try to enter having not bought the correct permissions to be there. Luckily, door supervisors can check the authenticity of each ticket holder before letting them enter the event. 

Retail Security 

While retail security is arguably not on the same level of grandness as bars and event security; their use of door supervisors is just as important. While door supervisors at retail shops can stop people from entering, this is not as common. They are more concerned with deterring criminals from attempting theft. 

Thefts are one of the leading causes of money loss in the retail business. Because of this, you might have guessed that shop owners would do everything in an attempt to mitigate these losses. Door supervision is a proven and effective way to help prevent theft at retail shops.

A Trusted Door Supervision Service 

At Alpha Omega Security, we provide high quality security services that includes our key holding, manned guarding and events security service. So, if you require a trustworthy and highly adaptable security company in Crewe or surrounding areas, please contact us. We are sure we will be able to help you.