Top 5 Benefits of Choosing Manned Guarding Services

Manned guarding, a term many business owners and property managers are familiar with. If not, it can be defined as the physical presence of security guards. In today’s world, the possibility of security threats is higher than ever. While manned guarding is a common procedure in business premises and event management, you might be unaware of what else manned guarding has to offer. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 benefits of choosing manned guarding services for your business or event. 

1) Acts As a Powerful Deterrent

In 2017, a study was conducted at train stations in the South West of England that experienced crime into treatment and controls conditions over a six-month period. The study showed that 41% more patrol visits and 29% more minutes spent by security agents at treatment, compared to control stations led to a significant 16% reduction in victim-generated crimes. Therefore, the physical presence of security guards alone can act as a powerful deterrent to potential thefts and criminals. Unauthorised people are less likely to attempt a security breach if manned guarding is on site and reduce the chances of a business or property suffering loss or vandalism. 

2) Handles Access Control

One responsibility of manned guarding is handling access control. Security guards are trained to check people and verify those who have authorised access. Using identification checks, visitor log software, surveillance systems, bag searches and body searches once consent is given (especially at events). With manned guarding, it becomes possible to maintain the safety and security of customers and staff inside a property. 

3) Rapid & Effective Responses

Security guards are trained to respond rapidly to security incidents. Their swift and effective actions can minimise any damage or harm and prevent it from escalating any further. Security guards can detain criminals or trespassers and co-operate with the police force. They are also trained to take immediate action during emergencies. Whether that is a fire or a medical emergency, security guards can facilitate crowd control and evaluation procedures if necessary and act as first responders until fire and emergency services arrive.

4) Gives Reassurance & Peace Of Mind

Manned guarding gives business owners a sense of reassurance and peace of mind, knowing that their premises and assets are in safe hands. Staff, customers and event attendees also receive reassurance and feel more at ease with the visible presence of manned guarding. It allows staff to work effectively in a safe atmosphere and ensures customers or event attendees have an enjoyable experience in a securely monitored space. 

5) Provides Customer Service

Not only does manned guarding provide security and reassurance, but security guards are typically the first point of contact for customers and visitors. They can provide customer service by giving directions, answering questions and assisting with minor incidents such as loss of a mobile phone. They can have a friendly and positive attitude towards customers enhancing their overall experience. 

Manned Guarding Services You Can Rely On

Alpha Omega Securities is an ISO 9001 registered company based in Crewe with the BS 7499 standard for Static Manned Guarding and licensed under the Security Industry Authority (SIA). Our team of experienced security guards are vetted and highly trained in all aspects of manned guarding. Whether you are looking for manned guarding services for your business premises or your events, we can work with you to meet your security needs.

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