The Ultimate Guide to Mobile Patrol Services: Everything You Need to Know

Mobile patrol services play a key role in protecting large premises and sites. Many companies prefer the physical presence of security personnel on their premises over CCTV cameras or an alarm system. If you haven’t heard of or have never arranged mobile patrol before, we have taken this opportunity to create the ultimate guide on everything you need to know. Continue reading to learn how your premises or site can benefit from mobile patrol services. 

What Is Mobile Patrol?

Mobile patrol or mobile security is one of the many services we offer here at Alpha Omega Securities. It involves appointing a mobile patrol officer to conduct regular inspections of a property, either on foot or in a marked vehicle. This service is suitable for business owners or site managers who do not need a full-time security guard on-site, but still want their premises or site to be regularly monitored for intrusion, vandalism, theft, fire or flooding. For the highest levels of security, consider appointing mobile patrol officers alongside existing CCTV monitoring or alarm response systems. 

Benefits of Mobile Patrol Services


Every business property has a different level of security concerns or risks. A mobile patrol service can be arranged to suit your specific security requirements. Inspections can be carried out in certain key areas at various times. These inspections could be on a random or scheduled basis during the day and night, including weekends and bank holidays. For instance, a security officer can patrol an area once per hour. 

Unlike on-site security guards, mobile patrol officers don’t stay in the same place. Instead, they move around your premises to cover multiple locations. They can also carry out other tasks such as transporting staff and unlocking or locking sites if requested to do so.

Rapid Response

Mobile patrol officers are professional security personnel. Not only do they patrol key areas, but are trained to handle any incident. Most mobile patrol officers are qualified to perform first aid in emergencies. They can also report any suspicious behaviour, work with law enforcement and follow the appropriate protocols. 


Mobile patrol is an ideal option for businesses that are looking for affordable security. Hiring on-site security guards can be expensive and a full-time basis may not be necessary. Mobile patrol tends to be a cost-effective alternative because you only pay for the patrol hours instead of an hourly rate. 

Why Choose Alpha Omega Securities For Mobile Patrol Services?

At Alpha Omega Securites, our mobile patrol officers are uniformed, highly experienced, licensed, and fully vetted under BS 7858 standards. Our team is also qualified in first aid and receives regular training. 

How would we provide mobile security on your premises or site? Our mobile patrol officers will visit your premises according to your requirements. Next, they will carry out internal and external inspections of your premises or site while turning off lights or equipment if necessary. These inspections are backed by a fully-equipped control room which is monitored by us 24 hours a day. Our mobile patrol officers also have access to a company car whilst on shift for quick access around larger properties. 

Our advanced communication systems ensure our mobile patrol officers rapidly respond to incidents. For your peace of mind, you will receive regular reports on patrol activity and incidents if they occur. On-going support and security advice will also be provided by us. 

To enquire about our mobile patrol services, please get in touch with us today. We will be happy to discuss your security needs in further detail and answer any questions you may have.