Protect your Business with CCTV Monitoring 

We understand that for any business owner, finding a security solution that meets your business’ requirements is a must- for the protection of your premises, the safety of your staff and customers, and to ensure your peace of mind. 

If your business does not require a constant on site presence, then remote CCTV monitoring could provide the perfect solution. 

Our remote CCTV monitoring services are a cost effective additional level of security, suitable for both domestic and commercial users. Our CCTV systems can even be linked with intruder alarms, audio systems and our alarm response services, to provide complete security cover remotely.

We can tailor a bespoke package to suit your security needs, and work with you to ensure that your need for total security is met to the highest standard. 

Our CCTV monitoring services meet the requirements of BS7958 and BS8418, giving you all the benefits of 24/7 protection, without the cost of an on-site presence.


Deter criminal activity 

According to The College of Policing, CCTV surveillance actually helps to reduce crime levels. In fact, they found that for every 100 crimes, around 16 are prevented by the presence of CCTV. 

The presence of a CCTV camera can act as an effective deterrent, discouraging people from carrying out criminal behaviour on your property. 


24/7 Monitoring 

CCTV monitoring allows you to constantly monitor your premises. Consequently, should any unfortunate incidents arise, or if your premises are targeted by criminal behaviour, you will have access to evidence that could help you to establish what exactly has happened. 


Protect your staff 

CCTV monitoring provides a reliable record of anyone coming and going from your premises. Giving you a record of the times that your staff arrive at and leave work, along with any other visitors to your premises. 

In addition, CCTV can assist in settling any complaints or disputes between staff, as you can access a record of exactly what happened by reviewing your CCTV recording. 


Whatever the nature of your business, at Alpha Omega Securities Ltd we’re here to support you with the perfect security solution. We take pride in ensuring the protection of our clients and their property through our high quality, reliable services. Contact us today to discuss the right security solutions for you.