Prevent Crime with Manned Guarding

Static guarding is ideal for premises that require round the clock surveillance. Guards can be positioned on points of entry or other high risk areas at the location to monitor individuals entering the property or activity on site.

In addition to this, guards can help identify potential fire risks to prevent injury and damage to buildings.


Deter Opportunist Crime

Having a constant on-site security presence will greatly reduce the chance of thieves targeting the business. It is also an extra layer of protection in the event that security technology such as alarms and security lights may be broken.

Uniformed guards will be easy to identify and act as an immediate sign that security is on-site to prevent interest from criminals.

Individuals or groups that are planning on vandalising or trespassing will want to avoid being caught and therefore look for low risk places to commit the crime. The likelihood of them choosing a location where manned guarding is in operation is significantly lower than businesses that do not have guards.


Protect Staff

Manned guarding can be effectively utilised at premises such as retail outlets to protect employees from assault or injury by diffusing situations from confrontational individuals or removing problematic clientele from the building.


Manned Guarding from Alpha Omega Securities

Our bespoke manned guarding services allow our clients to adapt our services to their specific needs. Guards are highly trained, fully vetted in accordance with BS 7858, and will always be dressed in appropriate uniform to give the best first impression to visitors of your business.

If required, we can provide guards who are first aid trained to add that extra element of safety for your business.

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