3 Reasons You Need Warehouse Security

According to the 2022 UK Commercial Victimisation Survey, the most common type of crime experienced nationwide was theft at 15%, followed by burglary (including attempts) at 9%, then you have vandalism at 9%, and assaults or threats at 7%. Additionally, it was stated that the wholesale and retail industry was the most affected industry with 42% of businesses experiencing crime in the last year. Another industry that tends to be targeted by trespassers and burglars is the warehouse and storage facilities sector. This is due to certain factors including the sustainable amounts of goods under one roof, lack of securities measures, employee theft and so on. To help lower the risks of crime and burglary in your warehouse, let’s take a look at 3 reasons you need warehouse security.

1) Theft Protection 

The most obvious reason your warehouses should have security is for theft prevention. Having security measures in place is important because warehouses often store high value goods. Burglars tend to be more interested in high value goods such as electronics as they can make a quick and easy profit from them. Without effective security measures, these goods are at higher risk of being stolen or vandalised, resulting in financial loss for the warehouse and companies who store their stock in the premises.

2) Employee Safety

Employee safety is crucial because warehouses and storage facilities can sometimes be seen as a dangerous place to work. Particularly during outside business hours and night shifts, when theft and burglary rates tend to be higher and there are less security measures on-site. Saying that, crimes can still occur during the daytime. If a crime ever happens to occur, employees need to know they are protected to maintain morale. And, the best way to help employees feel safe and secure during their shift is having proper security measures in place.

3) Deal With Emergencies

Sometimes, security is seen as only needed for criminal activities. However, health and safety emergencies can also arise within warehouses. Employees can be at risk of injury from forklift accidents, lifting heavy equipment, fallen objects, slips, trips and falls. Additionally, a fire can break out or an employee can suddenly fall unwell and require medical attention. In other cases, there might be a conflict between employees that needs to be handled properly. This is where security guards come into play. Their role is to keep everyone safe, no matter what the reason is. They’re also trained to deal with emergency situations, giving first aid if necessary.

Warehouse Security In Crewe

While Crewe has lower rates of burglaries compared to larger UK cities, it’s important to keep in mind that warehouses can be seen as a potential target by trespassers and burglars so it’s crucial to expect the unexpected. To minimise the risk of burglary and vandalism in your warehouse, you will need to carry out your own security measures or, better yet, work with an experienced security company. 

At Alpha Omega Securities, we believe there is no one-size-fits-all security solution because each warehouse has different security needs. It depends on the location, layout and size of the warehouse to name a few. When you work with us, we provide high-quality and personalised security solutions to suit your warehouse. We offer a wide range of security services including CCTV, key holding, alarm response systems and more. If you have a warehouse or storage facility based in Crewe or a surrounding area, then contact us today to discuss your security needs with our dedicated team.