Why Choose Key Holding Services? 

Are you thinking of investing in your business’ security provisions? There are a range of security services available, and the correct service for your business will depend on your needs. 

Key holding services can be a fantastic option for a range of businesses, in fact, if the only security that your business is equipped with at the moment is an alarm system, then the most straightforward additional layer of security to add would be a key holding service!  


Security and peace of mind 

We understand that worrying about security and spare keys can be an added layer of stress when you’re running a business. 

Employing a key holding service means that a security professional will hold a set of keys to your premises on your behalf. This way, in the event of an alarm activation or emergency, the security professional can respond quickly on your behalf, to ensure the security of your premises, and the safety of any staff inside. 

By employing a key holding service you can rest easy, knowing that if there are any alarm activations during the night or while you are away from your premises, then our team of security professionals will respond quickly and efficiently on your behalf. 


Professional services 

In the case of many alarm activations, the cause will be a false alarm or a non-emergency. However, should an intruder be present at the time of an alarm activation, or should an emergency occur, our security professionals will know how to respond in a calm and efficient manner. 

By employing a professional security service you can limit any potential danger that you, or a key holding employee, could encounter when responding to an alarm activation. 


Always have a spare key handy 

Key holding services can be an extremely practical solution, in addition to the security benefits provided, as employing a key holding service provides you with an easily accessible spare key when needed. 

In addition to responding to alarm activations and emergencies, our security professionals can also respond when access to your premises is needed unexpectedly. So if an employee leaves their house keys behind and needs access to the premises out of hours, our security professionals will respond quickly- so you don’t have to! 


Reliable key holding services from Alpha Omega Securities 

If you’re considering employing key holding services for your premises, why not contact a member of our friendly team today. Our reliable key holding services utilise our trustworthy and professional Security Officers, who are all fully vetted in accordance with BS 7858, to provide security, peace of mind and reassurance.