This accredited qualification is ideal for anyone wishing to work as a Door Supervisor, as it provides the necessary skills and knowledge to apply for an SIA licence and work as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry. With this qualification you can also work as a Security Officer or Security Guard and that’s why this is the preferred course that most people choose to take.

The course is divided into 4 units and is assessed through 3 multiple-choice examinations, 1 written examination and practical tests in searching, conflict management and physical intervention.

Level 2 Award for Working as a Door Supervisor within the Private Security Industry (5 day course)

Unit 1: Working in the Private Security Industry

  • The Private Security Industry
  • Legislation
  • Health and Safety
  • Fire Procedures
  • Emergencies
  • Communication Skills and Customer Service

Unit 2: Working as a Door Supervisor

  • The role of the Door Supervisor
  • Civil and Criminal Laws
  • Arrest
  • Working on Licensed Premises
  • Searching
  • Drugs
  • Emergency Procedure
  • Recording Incidents and Crime Scene Preservation

Unit 3: Conflict Management within the Private Security Industry

  • Principles of Conflict Management
  • Recognising, Assessing and Reducing Risk
  • Communicating and De-escalation in Emotive Situations
  • Problem Solving Strategies
  • Good Practice Following Conflict

Unit 4: Physical Intervention

  • Session 1: Introduction to Physical Skills
  • Session 2: Disengagement Techniques
  • Session 3: Escorting Techniques

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Extremely helpful and very well presented material.