The Benefits of Mobile Security 

Mobile security services are a fantastic option for businesses that do not require a permanent security operative at their premises, but do require their premises to be regularly monitored either internally or externally, for intrusion, vandalism, theft, fire or flooding.

A Mobile Patrol Officer will undertake patrols of a property at regular intervals. These patrols can include the exterior of a property, in particular high-risk areas such as points of entry, and interior patrols of particular areas, or a full patrol of the property. 

If you have multiple premises or sites within a particular location, it’s also possible for a Mobile Security Officer to visit all of these sites during a patrol. So, you can be safe in the knowledge that all of your sites are safe and secure. 

In addition to checking for any signs of disturbance, patrol guards are trained to look out for any potential fire risks, and ensure that the property they are patrolling is completely secured. This provides a level of security that simply can’t be matched by remote security services such as CCTV monitoring.  

As a result, mobile security services are quickly becoming a popular choice for ensuring the security of business premises, without the requirement of a constant on site presence. 

Visibly Deter Crime

Mobile security patrols act as a fantastic deterrent to crime. Ensuring that your premises are protected by regular mobile security patrols will help to deter any opportunistic criminal behaviour. 

Mobile security is a particularly effective deterrent, as the vehicles used for mobile security patrols tend to be extremely well marked and recognisable from a distance. As such, this acts as an immediate warning that there is a security presence onsite, deterring anyone that might have been planning on targeting the premises. 

In addition, due to the often random nature of mobile security patrols, it becomes impossible for any would-be criminals to plan to target a site in advance. There is no way for a passer by to know when the mobile patrol will visit the site in question, as this is dependent on the requests of the client, and the schedule of the patrol on that day or night. 

A cost effective solution 

A constant onsite security presence is an expense that many businesses simply can’t afford. At Alpha Omega Securities Ltd, we understand that onsite security might not be the most suitable option for all businesses, so, we endeavour to offer a variety of reliable remote security services in addition to our onsite services. 

If you’re looking for a cost effective remote security solution, then mobile security is a fantastic option. Providing peace of mind with round the clock protection for your site, ensuring the security of your premises, and providing the reassurance that your staff are operating in a safe environment. 

Mobile Security from Alpha Omega Securities 

Our comprehensive mobile security services are tailored to the individual needs of our clients. Our Mobile Patrol Officers are uniformed, highly trained, licensed, and fully vetted in accordance with BS 7858 standards, and will call on your premises as required, during the day or night, including public holidays.  

The patrol covers internal and external inspections of your premises or site, and is backed by a fully equipped control room which is manned 24 hours a day. While our sophisticated communications system ensures a rapid reaction to any problems which may be encountered.


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