Alpha Omega Securities is an ISO 9001 registered company which includes the BS7499 standard for Static Manguarding. We are an Approved Contractor for the Security Industry Authority (S.I.A.), one of only a limited number in the Country.

As a minimum all of our staff are all screened & vetted in accordance with British Standard BS 7858 and undertake an S.I.A. training course which includes topics such as Duties and Responsibilities, Awareness of British Law, Basic Fire Fighting, Health & Safety, Evacuation Procedures, Drug Awareness, Crowd Control and Social Skills. Where required we can also provide staff who are competent in First Aid.

Our culture ensures that all of our staff are aware that they are often the first line of contact experienced by customers and visitors to a client’s premises. As such, they fully appreciate that they must set the right tone through their appearance and conduct. All staff provided are vetted to ensure they are not only equipped with the pre-requisite skills and competencies, but that they are always presentable, with appropriate uniform and smart appearance.

We are proud to offer our Static Manguarding Services for any required locations including (but not limited to);

  • Retail Outlets.
  • Construction Sites.
  • Outdoor Events.
  • Warehouse & Factory Premises.
  • Business Premises.

Whatever the nature of your site or event, we will work with you to fully assess your requirements. We will then develop a specific set of Assignment Instructions that our staff will work to, ensuring delivery of the optimum security services to meet your needs. It doesn’t end there, as we constantly audit and review our activities. Where we find opportunities to improve or reduce costs we will review these with you to help your business benefit from our experience, without compromise to the security and peace of mind we deliver.


We at Cooper Buckley Ltd have had a close working relationship with Alpha Omega Securities since 2001. They have always proved to be a highly competent security company who take great pride in their work. The Alpha Omega Securities guards always display a professional attitude with due diligence to the job in hand, are polite and courteous, smartly turned out and have a goof awareness of Health & Safety issues, including fire precautions. Total peace of mind has been achieved in out working relationship due to Alpha Omega Securities being able to produce results, even when under extreme pressure. It is without hesitation that I recommend Ken Lawton and his team to any prospective clients who require a first class service.

Caroline Cooper (Manager - Cooper Buckley)