Feel safe with our professional Security Service, Alpha Omega Securities has a great deal of experience providing security for a variety of events. We can supply security for Festivals, Agricultural Shows, Vintage Rallies, Fun Days and other Outside Events. Whether you require one Security Officer or a well co-ordinated team, depending on the nature of your event, we are the right organisation to fill all your security needs. Our Service gives you peace of mind that security at your event will enable all participants to enjoy the experience in a safe and secure environment. All our employees are vetted in accordance with the BS 7858 standard.

Security must be addressed early in the planning process, our team will work closely with the organisers to conduct an event security risk assessment and provide advice on the measures needed to mitigate the risk of disruption. The risk assessment will consider all aspects of Health and Safety and potential threats, the overall event profile and objectives. We also work closely with dignitary protection teams to measure the risks posed by the attendance of high-profile visitors.

During the event itself, Alpha Omega Securities will provide on-the-ground security management and co-ordination, and oversee the agreed security plan implementation. In addition, Alpha Omega Securities will also provide specialist protective support packages for any individuals identified as high-risk or those with mandated additional security requirements.

Benefits of using our Event Security service:

  • We can help make sure your event goes off without a hitch. We’re available to help from start to finish.
  • We pay meticulous attention to detail and believe strongly in thorough pre-planning.
  • We go over every scenario that could foreseeably happen and we know how we will respond if it does.
  • We constantly train to keep abreast of new threats and security challenges. In addition to staff, we rely on the best technology available so that you can have a safe and rewarding event.


We have employed Alpha Omega Securities for a number of years now and find them completely professional, reliable and flexible in their approach to our contract. I would be very unwilling to place my business elsewhere due to the high standard of customer service they offer. The Royal Cheshire County Show had suffered a high volume of theft and unpaid entries in years gone by. ‘The Cheshire’, had in fact, gained the unenviable reputation of being seen as a soft target. However, since the employment of Alpha Omega Securities, this reputation disappeared literally overnight as their bespoke service and procedures quickly dealt with many of the longstanding issues. We work closely with Alpha Omega Securities to continually improve and develop their services at the show, ensuring that visitors and exhibitors experience an efficient, friendly but firm security stance. Alpha Omega Securities has quickly become a great asset to our show and again, I am happy to recommend their services to you.

Nigel Evans (Executive Director - Royal Cheshire County Show)