Proud Sponsors Of The WPS Security Meeting

We were thrilled to sponsor the Alpha Omega WPS Foundation Community Security Meeting on Saturday, 25th March at Cheshire College South & West. The theme of the quarterly security meeting was “The Dynamic Anatomy of Women in Security.”

During the security meeting, the WPS Foundation announced the following measures

  • A campaign to make society safer for women and girls has unveiled plans for new South Cheshire headquarters as part of a package of measures to prevent physical and mental harm.
  • The WPS Foundation, which currently holds sessions at Crewe Market Hall, is opening a hub on Crewe Business Park offering emotional and practical support.
  • It will be home to a pioneering education programme for women which will include free English classes on Wednesdays and Fridays from April to July 2024.
  • Buddies will also be assigned to children who struggle with the English language and basic mathematics.
  • On April 19th, the WPS Foundation will be launching another of its popular self-defence courses for women. This will run weekly, free of charge, at Beechwood Primary School in Crewe.

Alongside the announcement of these measures, 5 inspiring individuals in the world of women’s welfare were invited as speakers. We were honoured to have one of our valued Frontline Security Officers, Joanne Nelson attending the security meeting as one of the speakers. She spoke about the Safer Nights initiative to protect vulnerable females from harm. 

Other speakers at the meeting included Kate Blakemore, founder of Crewe-based women’s health and wellbeing charity, Motherwell Cheshire, Kirsty Williams who works with the survivors of rape and sexual abuse support centre (RASASC), Ewa Wilcock, managing director of the first UK-wide Polish domestic violence helpline, Vesta Specialist Family Support, Angie Power, a diversity safeguarding consultant and registered nurse, and Samantha Perry, who runs a beauty school in Crewe.

WPS founder, Amaka Lawton, said: “Our meeting offered an insight into the vital work these women and their organisations do on a daily basis and a snapshot of the dangers women are still facing in our modern age. WPS exists to protect women from this systematic oppression, misogyny and racism. Our quarterly meetings help to raise awareness and bring more people on-board with our mission to promote peace and harmony. We look forward to opening our new hub in Crewe over the next few weeks where we can step up our efforts and offer emotional and practical support to local women.”

The WPS Foundation has been hosting a regular stand at Crewe Community Hub at the Market Hall over the past few months, meeting with many women facing challenging situations at home and in the workplace. 

Amaka, who established the WPS Foundation with her husband Ken, the founder of Alpha Omega Securities, added: “One thing is clear, there’s a definite need to protect local women and more, especially as the cost of living crisis bears down on families. We have identified a need to help women with English language lessons. Too many are staying with abusers because of economic reasons or simply because they can’t speak up for themselves. Our new hub will be a place where women can be with women to empower and create strong bonds.”

It was great to hear from several incredible women about their personal experiences with women’s safety and the ways it can be improved in the local community. Alpha Omega Securities are very proud to support the WPS Foundation with its inspirational initiatives, which have already made a difference in the lives of so many women. We also look forward to working with them through another successful year!

Get Involved With The Alpha Omega WPS Foundation

The WPS Foundation would like to hear from anyone who is interested in supporting its aims for equality and the overall safety and security of women, either as a volunteer or through sponsorship. To get involved as a WPS volunteer, visit Alpha Omega WPS Foundation, call 0300 365 9223 or email