Event Security for the Festive Season

It’s that time of the year when many businesses will be starting to plan their festive events and parties! 

You’ve planned the food, booked the venue, maybe even picked out your outfit- but have you considered security? If not, here are the reasons why you should…


Crowd Control

At any event, a large crowd can become difficult to manage- particularly when there’s alcohol involved! Ensuring that you have proper security provisions at your event will help to maintain order and a level of discipline that ensures the safety of your guests, while they let their hair down! 


Keep your event private 

By placing proper security at the entrances to your event, you can ensure that the only people attending are invited guests. This is important for ensuring the safety and security of your invited guests.


Bag searches

If you choose to, you can also set up a bag check area at the entrance to your event. This is especially important for a large event. Ensuring that your guests are properly screened on entrance will ensure that nobody brings anything dangerous into the event, or anything else that might be prohibited by the venue.


Emergency Situations 

A whole host of emergency situations can arise at any event, putting your guests at risk. Ensuring that properly trained security personnel are present at your event will ensure that guests are safely evacuated if necessary, and that any medical emergencies are attended to swiftly and properly. 


Event Security from Alpha Omega 

Whether you’re hosting an event for thousands of attendees, or just a few guests, even security is extremely important. 

We are experienced in providing security for a variety of events including festivals, agricultural shows, vintage rallies, fun days and other outdoor events. Whether you require one security officer, or a well-coordinated team, we can fulfil all of your security needs, and our staff will be available to assist you on the day of your event, from start to finish.

 Our team works closely with the organisers of an event, from early on in the planning process, to conduct an event security risk assessment, and provide advice on the measures required to mitigate the risk of disruption. This risk assessment considers all aspects of health and safety, potential threats, and the overall event profile and objectives. 

Throughout the event itself, we provide on the ground security management and coordination, and oversee the implementation of the previously agreed security plan. 


Contact us today 

At Alpha Omega Securities Ltd we’re here to support you with the perfect security solution. We take pride in ensuring the protection of our clients and their property through our high quality, reliable services. Contact us today to discuss our event security services further.