Corporate Security Services Framework Award Notice

We are delighted to announce Alpha Omega Securities Ltd have been successful in securing a Corporate Security Services Framework Award (Lot 1 – Manned Guarding) in partnership with Nottingham City Council. This Framework has given us a great opportunity for our qualified and experienced guards to provide exceptional service for the Nottingham City Council. Within days of the Framework award, we have already conducted our first mobilisation visit. 

About The Framework

Nottingham City Council, in collaboration with Mansfield District Council, are seeking tenders from sufficiently experienced and qualified providers to establish a framework agreement to meet the Authorities’ varied security services requirements. 

In addition to Nottingham City Council, the following organisations will be able to call off the Framework as required (referred to as the ‘customers’): Nottingham City Homes (NCH), Nottingham Revenue and Benefits Ltd. (NRB), Ashfield District Council, Bassetlaw District Council, and Charnwood Borough Council.

The Framework will allow for ‘call off’ arrangements of both direct award and further competitions. This will offer the opportunity for the customers to decide on the best way forward for their individual requirements. The framework agreement will be awarded for a period of 4 years.

Contact Us for Manned Guarding Services

At Alpha Omega Securities, we are an ISO 9001 registered company, with the BS7499 standard for Static Manned Guarding. We are proud to be one of a limited number of companies in the UK that is an Approved Contractor for the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

All of our staff are thoroughly screened and vetted, in accordance with British Standard BS 7858, and all of our staff have to undertake an SIA training course. All security guards are vetted to ensure not only are they equipped with the pre-requisite skills and competencies, but they’re also presentable at all times, with appropriate uniform, and a smart appearance. Whatever the nature of your site or event, we will be happy to work with you to fully satisfy your requirements. 

We continuously inspect and review our performance. If we find opportunities to improve, or reduce costs. We can offer to review these with you, helping your business benefit from our knowledge and experience, without compromising the delivery of our services. For further information, please contact us.