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Control Room Operator

As we are an ever-growing business, we now have an exciting opportunity for a Control Room Operator to join Alpha Omega Securities.

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Control Room Operator

About the role

Hours Of Work:

Friday – Monday 06:00-18:00

Or as required to meets the needs of the business, you will be required to work weekends as and when required.

Overtime is available if required either in this capacity or other duties.

You are to ensure that you arrive at least 10 minutes before your start time to carry out a complete handover with the off going Control Room Operator.

Line Manager

Duty Manager / Operations Manager

Role and Responsibilities

Control Room

You are responsible for all Control Room operational duties.

You are responsible for the cleanliness of the Control Room and Entrance area.


You are to ensure you have access to:

· Safety Check Call Report

· Mobile Patrol Report

· Rota and database

· Tick Sheet

· Vehicle Tracker Report

You are to update when requested Assignment Instructions, Risk Assessments and any other documents as requested.

Shift Handover

You are required to carry out a complete Handover at the beginning and end of your shift with your relief or the oncoming Control Room Operator and Duty Manager. The Handover is to include the following:

· Verbally handover electronic OR

· Complete CCTV & ANPR Checks

· Confirm CCTV patrols completed

· Mobile Patrols completed

· Controller duty sheets completed

· Issues or incomplete duties

The outgoing Control Room Operator is to brief the oncoming Controller on all relevant information relating to shift changes, unlocks, transport etc.

White Boards

You are to check the White Boards in the Control Room for any miscellaneous information or notes relevant to your tour of duty and who the Controller is.

Control Room Daily Occurrence Report

You are required to maintain an electronic Daily Occurrence Log on the Control Room Computer, all incidents and occurrences are to be recorded on this Log.

Incident Reports

You are to ensure that you complete incident reports for any incident occurring around the area of the Office, which have involved intervention of Control Room Operator or external agencies such as the Police etc.

General Administration

The Control Room Operator is responsible for ensuring all completed documentation are filed in the appropriate files held in the Control Roomdaily once all required action has been completed on them.

All control room documents are to be signed or completed in pen only, do not use liquid paper or tip-ex to correct mistakes, draw a line through the mistake and initial the error.

Non Response Check Calls

In the event that you are unable to reach an employee with a routine check call the following procedure is to be followed:

· You are to continue to attempt to contact the employee.

· If after a period of 1/2 hour you have still failed to contact the employee, you are to inform the Operations Support Officer/Duty Manager that they are to attend the site to check on the employee welfare.

· Contact Duty Manager and advise them of the situation.

· A report is to be submitted to the General Manager and HR if it is discovered that the non-contact is due to the guards own negligence or misconduct, so that appropriate action can be taken. Commence investigation where possible.

· If Guard is a Sub-Contractor, you are to contact the Sub-Contractors Companies Control Room and advise them of the situation and request that they take the necessary steps to contact their employee and keep you informed of the outcome.


At all times you are responsible for the covering of any requested Ad-hoc shifts and or Blow outs.

These shifts are to be dealt with immediately, and if a guard cannot be found to cover the required shift then alternative arrangements are to be made to get a member of staff to remain on site until relieved (if cover already on site). Alternately temporary cover is to be arranged while a guard can be found.

If you are unable for whatever reason to cover a shift , you are to escalate it to the Duty Manager after 15 minutes.

You are to Email the Rostering Manager of any changes to the Rota made during your tour of duty, giving details of employee, start and finish times and change the master rota.

You will work with the Rostering Manager to provide a weekly rota for all operational staff and assist with ADHOC requirements.

You are to keep in mind that any inductions and transports should always be kept to a minimum.

Tick Sheet

You are to use the Tick Sheet to assist in locating a guard who is not working and may be available to work.

Absence & Sickness

Ensure that when an employee is either sick, absent or late, that the details sent by email to the bookings, however any confidential matters must be emailed to only the GM and HR dept.

Key Holding

You are to carry out or ensure a weekly check of all Site and Response Keys held in the Control Room and Patrol Vehicles. All Seal numbers on Response Keys are to be checked against Alarm Response Logs held in the Control Room.

Any unauthorised use of keys is to be investigated and brought to the attention of your Line Manager.

You should ensure that all keys have been fobbed correctly in and out of the key cabinet using the relevant software.

All discrepancies or issues are to be brought to the attention of your Line Manager.

All keys are to be checked Daily/Weekly/Quarterly in accordance with Key Control and Checking Procedures.

CCTV Monitoring

You are required to carry out CCTV Monitoring duties in accordance with Alpha Omega Securities CCTV Monitoring procedures and policies and the client’s requirements

Mobile Phones

A regular check of mobile patrol phones are to be checked once signed in and out for condition.

Alarm Activation

You are to deal with all Alarm activations in accordance’s with The Key Holding and Alarm Response Procedure held in the Control Room. Ensuring all Incident/Alarm Reports are completed correctly and placed into the correct file.

Company Vehicles

You are to ensure that all company vehicles are refuelled by the drivers at the end of each shift, no company vehicles is to be left unfilled, as this can create major operational problems.

You are to ensure that all company vehicle keys are fobbed out/in by all staff during you shift.

You are to ensure the allocation white board is kept up to date.

Carry out a daily check on all vehicles when in use, referring to the previous days check for comparison, reporting any additional damage or requirements to the Senior Operations Manager and General Manager.

You are to ensure Vehicle Accident Reports are completed for any incidents involving damage to company vehicles.

Operations Plans

Daily Operations Plans must be completed to ensure that all services are carried out.


You are required to action all operational emails during your working day when on duty, on days off and holiday periods you are to forward your emails to the Operations Manager and Senior Operations Manager.

You are to ensure that all emails are copied into the relevant staff.

General Duties

During your duty you will be required to carry out additional duties and tasks as required at the request of Management these additional may include:

· Sweeping Front and Side area of building

· Empty rubbish bins as required and placing bags in main bin at side of building.

· Empty Ashtray, if non-smoker request a smoker to do it.

· Ensure that all necessary Company Forms held in the Control Room are replenished as required.

· Ensure that rock salt or grit is spread outside the office entrances as and when required during periods of bad weather.

· File all documentation, forms etc and update folders held in the Control Room when required.

General Administration

You are to ensure that all administrative procedures and duties are carried out in accordance with Company Procedures within the Operational Departments of the Company.

The above duties are not exhaustive and may be added to, or deleted from to meet the operational and business needs of the company.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: £12.00 per hour

Knowledge, experience & skills required


  • Security: 1 year (required)


  • SIA Licence (required)
  • CCTV Licence (required)
  • Clean UK Driving Licence (required)
  • First Aid Certification (preferred)


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