Common Security Risks for Businesses 

Are you considering increasing your business’ security provisions?

Sadly, there has always been, and will always be, an array of security risks for businesses, and as a business owner it’s of the utmost importance that you properly protect your business from these threats. 


Trespass and burglary

The most common risk to any business premises is without a doubt trespass, and of course, the potential damage or theft of property that can follow. 

First and foremost, the main goal of any security provisions for your business should be to ensure the security of your premises. Security Officers and Mobile Patrol Officers are trained to look out for any potential threats to the security of a property, whether that’s damage to the exterior of a property, or a window or door left unsecure or open at the end of a work day. 

Additionally, security services can act as a deterrent to prevent criminal activity on a property. Of course, on-site manned guarding is the most effective deterrent, as having a security professional present anytime your property is empty will prevent your premises being seen as a target. 

Similarly, mobile security services are also an effective deterrent, as the vehicles used for mobile security patrols tend to be extremely well marked and recognisable from a distance. As such, this acts as an immediate warning that there is a security presence onsite, deterring anyone that might have been planning on targeting the premises.

Alternatively, CCTV monitoring services can also act as a deterrent to anyone thinking of trespassing on your property. According to The College of Policing, for every 100 crimes, around 16 are prevented by the presence of CCTV.


Vandalism & fly tipping 

Not only is the trespass of internal property a major concern for business owners, but the vandalism and damage of external areas should be of concern too. 

Damage, vandalism and fly tipping on external areas of a business’ premises can be a real headache, and expense, to deal with. 

The good news is that proper security provisions will also help to prevent the exterior of your property from falling foul of such criminal actions. 

In addition, proper security provisions can also prevent your premises being damaged through arson, or acts of god such as accidental fire or burst pipes. CCTV monitoring services, or regular security patrols, can alert you to these issues quickly, minimising any resulting damage caused. 


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We provide a wide range of high quality, professional security services for the protection of our clients, their property and their premises. Our aim is to provide a reliable service that perfectly suits the needs and budget of each individual client. 

We pride ourselves on providing the peace of mind that our client’s property is properly protected from common security threats, allowing them to concentrate on their own schedule, without worrying about any security related issues.


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