6 Qualities Every Effective Security Guard Should Possess

Working as a security guard involves many important duties, these include ensuring the safety of the building as well as the safety of the individuals inside it. There are many qualities and skills required to perform security duties effectively. 

As a security company, we will discuss the following 6 qualities that we look out for when hiring new security guards and we will go into more detail on each quality. If you’re interested in kick starting your career in security or wish to work as a security guard, this article will help you understand what qualities you need to possess or improve on.

1) Presentable 

One of the top qualities of working in security is being presentable at all times during the shift. Wearing a work uniform during working hours is required by most security companies, including Alpha Omega Securities. Having a neat and tidy appearance makes you look professional but also shows you are willing to take your duties seriously. A work uniform helps others around you to identify you and view you as someone to respect. 

2) Communication

Communication refers to the ability of receiving and giving information to others. As a security guard, you will need a strong level of verbal English with excellent writing skills to work effectively. In some cases, you will need to fill out reports or talk to the police or emergency forces. In high-stress situations, it’s important to remain calm by listening and using clear communication with distressed people to maintain safety and security.

3) Customer Service

Depending on where you are guarding, you may have to represent as the face of the client’s shop or business. Security guards are generally the first person customers interact with when they enter a building. It’s the security guard’s responsibility to greet and direct customers or visitors as well as explain security procedures to them if necessary. In some cases, you must be able to enforce recognised security procedures to customers, guests or members of the public, while maintaining a pleasant and professional manner.

4) Surveillance

Due to the nature of the job, attention to detail and surveillance qualities are vital. Some job requirements of a security guard include monitoring security systems, watching individual’s behaviour and checking areas for questionable activity during the day or the night. Having strong attention to detail and surveillance skills can help security guards pay more attention to the smallest of details, spot the unseen and provide better security.

5) Teamwork

Teamwork refers to the ability of working with others to reach a common goal. While security guards usually work independently, you may be required to collaborate with other security guards or other personnel. For instance, a security guard may work as part of a security team at a large event. 

Teamwork comes into play during the surveillance of activities or spaces and when a team member takes a break or switches positions with other team members. Good teamwork will help the whole security team to stay alert during shifts. It’s also useful when competing site handovers and ensuring any relevant notes are passed over to fellow team members.

6) Be Physically Fit

Being fully focused on the job involves standing on your feet for a long time, even the whole shift. To be a successful security guard, you must be physically capable of coping with long periods of standing or walking. You also must be physically fit in high-stress situations and be able to enforce physically demanding security procedures, in order to handle any security situation that may arise. 

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